Wednesday, June 17, 2009

is nz really clean and green. sorry if it is bad. i rushed due to time constrains.

Is New Zealand really clean and green?
New Zealand is a clean and green country. New Zealand is clean and green because it is a country that opposes nuclear weaponry and other nuclear usage. New Zealand also has large areas of native parks and wildlife protection areas. There are no large clusters of factories so acid rain is very rare. However, all these reasons may be due to the small population in New Zealand and the small demand for power, factories and space.
New Zealand is a country that opposes the use of nuclear power and weaponry. Nuclear technology, especially nuclear weaponry is very dangerous and harmful towards not only living organisms, but also the land, as it can cause huge destruction to the land due to its immense power. Nuclear weapons are not ‘green’ because they can cause harm towards living organisms such as humans and animals because it can cause cancer and potentially death. In the case of nuclear testing in the pacific, aquatic life can be killed from the radiation and this harms the environment. Large amounts of land can be destroyed if a nuclear bomb was to be dropped over it and this is not ‘clean’. There may be nuclear accidents in nuclear power stations so it is dangerous for a country to have nuclear reactors. New Zealand avoids contact and does not support nuclear power and weaponry to remain clean and green.
There are many large national parks and wildlife reserves around New Zealand to encourage the growth of flora and fauna and to keep New Zealand green. The national parks ensure that New Zealand’s clean green image is maintained because visitors can enjoy landscapes and forest that are untouched. The national parks also preserve wildlife and provide the animals with a place to live without human intervention and protect the environment from urbanisation. There are parks in all parts of New Zealand so the clean green image is consistent throughout the country. In other parts of the world, it is uncommon to see a park in a city, which would obviously mean that there are fewer trees and plants to give the country a green appearance. Logging is controlled or prohibited in national parks so this guarantees that New Zealand remains environmentally friendly because of the amount of space where trees and other wildlife can grow peacefully.
There are no large clusters of factories in New Zealand so the air is cleaner in New Zealand, resulting in non-acidic rain. This clean rainwater maintains New Zealand’s green environment because it means that no harm is done on our lakes and rivers and ensures that our aquatic life is safe. Safe rainwater keeps the trees in New Zealand alive and healthy so that we remain green. The clean rainwater is a result of having few large factories that send chemicals into the atmosphere and is a sign that the air around New Zealand is clean and therefore, proves that New Zealand is a clean country. In other developed countries, acid can be common and this is not clean and green because it harms the environment and shows that the country is not clean.
However, these above reasons showing why New Zealand is clean and green may all be due to the fact that New Zealand has a relatively small population that is spread out. This would mean that there is no large demand for housing so there will be space for national parks and reserves. It would also mean that nuclear power is not suitable or required, as it will produce too much power for New Zealand to use so it will be a waste. Our small population will also mean that large factories are not required as we can simply import goods such as electrical appliances from other countries. However, New Zealand’s population is not the only reason for our cleanliness because other factors such as political decisions that are made in consideration for the environment, e.g. not allowing nuclear powered ships into New Zealand waters has nothing to do with population numbers.
New Zealand is a clean, green country for many reasons. New Zealand does not use nuclear technology because of the harmful effects it has on the environment. New Zealand has large areas of national parks where New Zealand’s flora and fauna are able to grow. New Zealand also has few large factories so the atmosphere around the country is clean, which is beneficial to the environment and helps New Zealand maintain it’s green image. However, New Zealand’s small population may be one of the reasons for New Zealand being clean and green, but despite this we do many other things to remain clean and green that does not relate to the population.


  1. Excellence. Great structure, clear and convincing argument. I am not sure I agree with factory paragraph, but overall the essay is very persuasive. Great detail. Well done!

  2. Your report on New Zealand being clean and green is arguably the best I have seen whilst researching for my English assignment. It was very helpful and you went into great detail. Thank you.